Bringing the boutique to you!

truckI read about this boutique truck in Columbus recently and I’m getting such crazy ideas.
This gal has a mobile fashion truck (yes, you read that correctly) that offers apparel and accessories on the go. I guess these fashion trucks got started on the West Coast and she liked the idea. She paired it with her goal/dream to open a boutique and The Boutique Truck was born.
From the looks of her website, she worked to convert an older truck. The pictures on her Facebook page help show the transformation. If you’re in the area, she tracks the various locations she’ll have the truck parked. You can stop in, try some things on and maybe pick up a new piece.
As someone that transports their business around and offers a Pop-Up Shop experience, I am so intrigued. What a fun way to bring your business to your clients, offering a unique experience along with a great product line.

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