Barbie looks more like the rest of us

The new Barbie dolls are debuting and they look more like the rest of us. She’s cute and curvy; or her petite framed is dressed so sassily; or she’s all about tall and barbies
What’s your take on the latest Barbie?  I think the press she’s getting is well deserved in helping her look more like we all do.
Nice work!

2 thoughts on “Barbie looks more like the rest of us

  1. I actually like the new Barbies. I already purchased one of each body type – Tall and Petite came in the mail today and Curvy should be in tomorrow. I’m actually planning to do a comparison post myself of the dolls between each other and some other dolls – especially Lammily, since I feel she was one of the motivators in getting Mattel to change things up.

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