Spring and Summer Shopping Tips

hats-829509_960_720In my local newspaper this Sunday, there was an article called “Four shopping rules for spring and summer fashion” (by Brittany Anas from shopathome.com. You can find this syndicated article in several spots on the web).
I thought I would summarize her rules for you and adapt them to what I offer with Ruby Ribbon.

  1. Abide by the rule of 3 — With new pieces, determine if you can wear it three different ways, such as with other items in your closet or for varying occasions (work, evening)With Ruby Ribbon, we have both wardrobe basics and new on-trend fashions that will either augment your wardrobe staples or complement them.
  2. Shop nowSpring collections have been around for a few months and many are already on sale.Think about Ruby Ribbon’s capri sale as a great “shop now” to make your wardrobe budget stretch further.
  3. Upgrade your close with key pieces — Make a list before you go shopping of seasonal items or replacement pieces you need. Is there a wedding coming up and you need a dress, or even a new slip?  What about the perfect new accessory to help you be fashion forward?Grab a new legging or pant from Ruby Ribbon and get the extra benefit of the “skinny band.”  Our pants and leggings are timeless.
  4. Sign up for store emails — Stay in the know by connecting with your favorite brands and getting advance knowledge of sales and new releases.Join my mailing list by texting RUBYRIBBONCHAR to 22828 — it’s that easy!

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