Capris for Summer!

white caprisRuby Ribbon’s leggings are so popular with my clients — they are a nice weight and I often hear remarks that they are more “forgiving” than other leggings that people have worn. They also have the “skinny band,” which is a nice little extra for the person wearing them.
With Summer 2016, Ruby Ribbon is introducing the popular capri version of the their leggings in a new color — White! (Remember, I said the colors of summer red, white and black.)
You will wear these capris with so many pieces in your wardrobe and I suspect you’ll live in them this summer. If you already own a pair of Ruby Ribbon leggings, you can order the same size in confidence.
This post is part of a series I’m doing on all the new pieces in the Ruby Ribbon Summer 2016 Capsule. Check out the others here!

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