Expanding revenue at women-centric businesses

Latest research by Ruby Ribbon shows that some women-centric businesses can very easily incorporate a shapewear component into their existing business, adding revenue and another aspect to their business model.
Examples of these sorts of businesses include:

13239208_10208494906662718_2133735871394791828_nUsing the newly introduced Shape Pop-Up Box, it just takes a small spot on a counter or table to bring the magic of the Ruby Ribbon cami to women you’re already serving. The box is a beautiful branded display box you can use to store and display the Ruby Ribbon shapewear in an organized and appealing way.
This kits has great value, and will give you a cami to fit more than 90% of women — it’s nine camis in all. They try on your samples and then order direct from you or the website that is included with this kit. The kit also includes one slip sample and one pair of Ruby Ribbon briefs, plus all the business supplies you need to get started.
If you own or work at a business for women, such as those mentioned, I’m happy to talk more about what this might mean for  you.

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