This Top will SELL OUT- I'm Confident!

I’m starting off the posts about the Fall Collection with the top that I believe will be the first to SELL OUT!  It was the most popular item last week at conference by the hundreds of Ruby Ribbon stylists who were there.
It’s call the Exposed Shoulder Top and it comes in two choices – a tile print pattern inspired by the 70s and of course, black. It can be worn in a variety of styles and I’m adding in a few pictures to inspire you. These are only examples; I saw man other ideas!
There is a lining in the top, allowing more flexility in how you style it; this isn’t a “shaping” liner like we have in many of our other Ruby Ribbon tops, just a liner for coverage.
This top will look great with any pair of pants or a skirt that is more fitted. Since the top is flowing, you’ll want something a bit sleeker on the bottom. Try it with the fabulous Ruby Ribbon Slim Leg Pants or our new Split Skirt from Fall 2016.
Available in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL, we have one that will look great on you! Shop early to make sure you get one!

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