I turned all my closet hangers backwards this morning

You may have heard about this trick somewhere, but maybe not. It’s a way to easily assess which clothes you’re wearing and which you aren’t. I think I’ve heard that we only wear about 20% of our clothes about 80% of the time.
A few years ago (actually longer than a few), I started turning all the hangers in my closet backwards; then as I return items to the closet after laundry day, I put them on a hanger that is now back the correct/typical/forward way. This makes it easy to identify which items haven’t been worn since the backward hanger exercise took place.
Not only does this help me identify the clothes I’m not wearing, but I use it as a personal challenge. I try to wear at least one item each day from the backwards hanger section. Just one each day should be possible.

  • It challenges me to come up with outfits that I may be overlooking in my “just wearing 20% of my clothes” rut. (Today I wore both a bright pink top and a pair of brown pants that I doubt I’ve worn in the last 9 months!)
  • It reminds me of items that need repairs and encourages me to get those repairs done.
  • It helps identify those items in my closet that just don’t really fit and either my body size/shape needs to change or that item should really go.
  • If I pull out a shirt and try it on with three different pants and skirts and don’t “feel good” enough to wear that outfit, that top ends up in the pile to donate to charity.

So, what’s your opinion on this wardrobe management trick? Have you tried it or another tactic? Would love to hear from you.

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2 thoughts on “I turned all my closet hangers backwards this morning

  1. Love this…been doing it for years! Keeps my closest working for me, not against me! I have made one complete section of Year round classics that I keep the CORE 20% housed that I go through Monthly…spending time keeping those up to date and crisp! I find that keeps the multiple “staples” to a minimum and controlled, too! Lord know’s how those t’s and white tailored shirts or chambray shirts multiply like rabbits!!!

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