Shapewear Myth Busters: Part 3

In the last of this series on Shapewear Myth Busting, I’m going to address the uniboob (yep, I said that out loud!). What’s a uniboob you might ask? Or maybe you’ve seen one? I found this technical definition in the Urban Dictionary: when it looks like you have one massive breast; this usally happens when a girl wears a sports bra or one of those tank tops with the shelf bra
Now that’s funny sounding, isn’t it. And guess what, it’s funny looking too.
byebye-bratm-fb800x800-bye-bye-braSo, no one wants this uniboob, and with the Ruby Ribbon cami, you won’t get one.  The cups are built into the garment so you are lifted and supported but still have the same “non uniboob” (here I go making up words) that you get with a bra. It’s the technology in the garment that will give you the support you need. Our camis will work for women up to a 46K cup size. (I am still waiting to meet this woman, but I’ve fitted women that are up to a G cup and they are happy with to ditch their bra.
By now, I know you’re skeptical. After all, I’ve fitted hundreds of women so I’m starting to see by their expressions when they just don’t believe. Honestly, the best thing to do is just try on one. There is no charge to see if it will work for you, so what do you have to lose (except about an inch in your waistline).
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