Are you ready for your holiday party?

I read on the Internet today (and if it’s on the Internet it’s true, right) that starting this week, you are all thinking about what you plan to wear for your holiday party? Is that true?
I thought I would share an idea for you, and while this is just one option, I may have a few more up my sleeve (and it kind of cracks me up that I’m using a sleeve cliché while writing on my fashion blog. Ha)
Untitled design (1).pngThis outfit would be a great option for a work party, with some sparkling jewelry to really jazz it up. It would look great on so many body types.
I paired our Palazzo Pants with the sheer and flowing Kimono Top. The bottom photo shows a model wearing this exact outfit. Be sure to wear it with black statement heels for the party.
And, you’ll be able to wear these pieces for so many other occasions.
Check back now and then for more holiday party outfit tips.
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