Clothes tell your story

As I landed in Dallas this morning for the annual Ruby Ribbon stylist conference (we call it Runway), I couldn’t help but chuckle.
519_north_dakota_state-bisons-secondary-2012As a fan of the North Dakota State University football team, I’ve been to Dallas several times when the team has played in the national championship game. The team has a strong fan following and during the trip, you will encounter many other fans at the airport, on the streets of Dallas and the suburbs, in restaurants and shops, pretty much everywhere!  And you can recognize them by what they’re wearing — green and gold, the team’s colors.
Inkedtrio of summer_LIAs I was in the airport and getting to my hotel for this conference, I grinned because I realized the similarities just then. While I wasn’t watching for green and gold, I was on the lookout for Ruby Ribbon fashions. As you can guess, with hundreds of Ruby Ribbon stylists converging on the same place, anywhere you look, you can easily recognize us by our fashion.
See what I mean?  It’s the clothing that is making my friends, even those I haven’t yet met, recognizable, both when I’m hear for football and when I’m hear for training, recognition, and to see the new 2017 Fall Collection.
There is one other similarity too — both of these reasons to visit Dallas are just a whole lot of fun!
Here’s to a great few days in Dallas, lots of fashion and fun, and lots of learning to help build for the future!
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PS: I think some of the hottest items being worn this week by Ruby Ribbon stylists are the Pleated Mesh Dress, Tuck Tunic in Smudge and the Criss Cross Leggings (both black and sapphire camo).

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