Ruby Ribbon Essentials: Wardrobe Staples Made Better

One of our main product categories at Ruby Ribbon is called “Essentials.”  These are the modern woman’s wardrobe staples made better with Intomi, which isuur built in smoothing and shaping, designed to give you the long, lean and lifted look.

Essentials are your favorite go to items- the 20% of your closet you wear 80% of the time. Think those black leggings, yoga pants, comfortable dress pants for the office, the dress or skirt you pull out for date night. Or put another way, it’s that piece you love so much that you’ll take the time to launder it, rather than wear a back-up piece. You get the idea.

One of the main things that makes our Essentials unique is the “skinny band,” that gives you just a little extra shaping in the 5-inch waistband. Our clothes come in XS to 3XL and will fit most women. And in our pants and leggings, the sizing is consistent so once you find your size, you’ve found your size. It makes reorders a breeze.

Some of our most popular Essentials include:

  • Ankle or Capri leggings — a fabric you can’t see through, even when you’re wearing them in white
  • Ponte Pants in either a Slim or Flare Leg — a basic office pant that just isn’t so basic. In black, mink brown or navy, these pants are as comfortable as yoga pants but always professional looking
  • Bootcut Leggings — speaking of yoga pants, we’ve got those too
  • Flip Skirt — reversible and can be worn either with the black or the mink brown side facing out. And, in a jersey fabric that washes and travels well

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