Ashcroft Shawl in Cloud or Forest

15 Ways to Style the Ashcroft Shawl

Today I had a gal shopping in the studio who was admiring the Peach brand Ashcroft Shawl and then she asked if I knew some ways to style the Ashcroft Shawl. The Ashcroft Shawl is the ultra-chic layer that EVERYONE needs these days.

The Ashcroft Shawl, which comes in both Cloud Buffalo Plaid and Forest Buffalo Plaid, provides style and warmth. Plus, its one size silhouette makes it the perfect gift for all the women in your life!

After she left the studio, I had some free time, so I took a few minutes to tie the Ashcroft Shawl in about 10 different ways, and I snapped a quick picture of each option. When you pair my ideas with the ideas from Peach, you have more than 15 different ways that you can tie and style the Ashcroft Shawl.

My 10 styles created with the Ashcroft Shawl

Above are the 10 styles that I created with the Ashcrowft Shawl in the Cloud Buffalo Plaid.

  1. Knotted behind your neck and hanging loosely in the front
  2. Just thrown around your shoulders
  3. Use a bangle (aka bracelet) to cinch it up at about the waistline
  4. Hmm, not sure how to teach this one to you but it’s some creative crisscrossing and tucking
  5. Around the neck with half hanging in the front and half in the back
  6. Double looped around the neck and again used the bangle to keep the scarf ends together in the front
  7. Hang over one shoulder and belt it (I would use a black belt but I didn’t have one today)
  8. Loop around our neck and tuck the ends under the scarf
  9. Start by twisting the scarf (quite a bit), then fold in half and wrap the folded scarf around your neck and tuck the ends through the loop
  10. Just tie it with a loose knot in the front (really, that’s it for this one).

Nine more ways to wear the Ashcroft Shawl

Of course, you can continue to find ways to style the Ashcroft Scarf. Here are nine looks for this scarf featuring Peach models (and a peek at the Forest shade of Buffalo Plaid too).

The Ashcroft Shawl in Forest Buffalo Plaid shown styled in four different ways.
The Ashcroft Shawl in Cloud Buffalo Plaid shown styled in five different ways.

Only a handful of these are “repeats” from the styles that I created above. Besides a bangle and a belt, I sometimes use an elastic ponytail holder as a way to secure the scarf (and bonus that a ponytail holder is almost invisible on many scarves.) You can also use a large pin to secure it or tuck a binder clip (you know, the kind you use to hold papers at the office) in a discreet location to hold the scarf end where you want it.

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