Determine your unique Measure & Made pants and jeans size

Determine your unique Measure & Made pants and jeans size

Measure & Made pants and jeans use a sizing model designed to change the way women get the perfect fit. Let’s talk about how sizing for Measure & Made works.

The sizing system for women’s pants is incredibly outdated. Men in the Department of Agriculture created it in the 1950s (that’s more than 50 years ago) It just doesn’t work for most women.

Measure & Made offers a quality core line of pants, jeans and shorts that fit, with a range of sizes from 0-28 plus options for three different body shapes and multiple inseam lengths. This results in 100+ size and shape combinations, all created to fit a woman’s natural shape with high-quality breathable fabric and living waistbands so the clothes move with her.

Graphic of 3 women holding inflatable 1-2-3 numbers to represent the 3 shapes from Measure & Made

Your Measure & Made size is at the intersection of your size, shape and height

Your Measure & Made size is based upon more than just your traditional pants size. When you take the ShapeLogic Quiz from Measure & Made, you will share information on your size, shape and height. The information in this 60-second quiz will help determine your unique 2-part size for Measure & Made pants and jeans. For example, instead of being a size 12, your Measure & Made size will be a size 12.1, 12.2 or 12.3; then your height determines your suggested inseam length.


Measure & Made retained the traditional sizing structure for pants and jeans as the basis for their new sizing system. This means all Measure & Made pants, jeans and shorts come in sizes 0-28. The quiz will help you identify which of these are your base pants size.


The next component of your Measure & Made size is your shape. Did you know that 94.8% of women will fit into one of the three shapes outlined below? The quiz will help you determine if you’re a Shape 1, 2 or 3, taking into account your silhouette.

Here’s an overview of each shape:

  • Shape 1 –  A woman who is a Shape 1 gains weight mostly in the middle. She typically has a straight waist and hips, a flatter butt and slim to average thighs. When she finds pants that fit her waist, they are often too big in the hips and things.
  • Shape 2 – A Shape 2 figured woman tends to gain weight all over. Her classic hourglass figure includes a defined waist and hips, and an average to curvy bottom. Pants that fit her hips are usually too big at the waist.
  • Shape 3 – A woman with a Shape 3 usually gains weight in their upper thighs and butt. She likely has a smaller waist, thick upper thighs and an abundant bottom and hips. Pants that fit her thighs usually are too big in the waist with a gap in the back.
94% of women match one of these three shapes


Finally, your height helps determine a recommendation for the best inseam for you. The inseam is the length from the crotch of the pants to the bottom of the leg. You always also can easily measure the inseam of a pair of pants or jeans that you already own that are the correct length for you and select that inseam when you’re shopping at Measure & Made.

Find your unique Measure & Made size

A patented Shapelogic Quiz is the heartbeat of the Measure & Made sizing process. Take the revolutionary 60-second quiz to find your unique size from more than 100 different fit combinations. Each size/shape is designed independently. (And once you take the quiz, your shopping experience on my website automatically is tailored to you.)

The Measure & Made “Perfect Fit” guarantee

The Measure & Made sizing quiz has a 90% success rate. But if you happen to be in the other 10%, you can work with a Measure & Made shape specialist to find the fit best for you. When you call a shape specialist, she will walk you through a few additional questions and may ask you to take a few measurements. She will be committed to finding a perfect fit for you, improving the success rate to 95%.

In addition, all Measure & Made bottoms come with a 30-day money-back guarantee for fit and product satisfaction, so an exchange on your first order is free. 

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