What to get for the gal who loves the gym? – Gift Giving Guide 2018

Have a friend that loves spending time at the gym? Not sure what to get her for a holiday gift?

Ruby Ribbon’s active wear is a great option for her. With two choices of workout leggings, including a pair of leggings that are reversible with a desert rose pattern on one side and solid black on the other, plus matching workout tanks, she will love whatever you choose for her. Or, consider getting her the unique Ruby Ribbon Sport Demiette, a sports bra unlike any that you’ve seen before.

All these items are available in a range of sizes that will fit her — XS to 3XL and up to a 50 in the Sport Demiette.


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Updated Gift Giving Guide Published

Not sure what to get for that special woman in your life?  Check out my updated 🎁 Gift Giving Guide 🎁 where I offer ideas for many women on your holiday list.

I’ve posted ideas and suggestions for a variety of women, from mom, grandma and a teenage daughter, to that gal who loves leggings or the person who loves traveling.

I have a few more women to add into this guide, so feel free to bookmark this page, both so you can use it for shopping but also to read the updated list.

Want to connect with me to get other gift ideas, join my online community.

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You get some ✨sparkle, and you get some sparkle✨ and you get some ✨sparkle!

One of the best gift items we have right now from Ruby Ribbon is the new Sparkle Scarf. Women of nearly any age will love it, especially those that like the on-trend rose gold metallic.

In an oatmeal heather color, this scarf will go with so many outfits. Wear it over a sweater for a cozy winter look. Or, use it with a coat (any color, really) as an outwear scarf. Or, wrap it around yourself like a shawl for the perfect additional layer over nearly any top, or even a dress.

This scarf can only be described as extra cozy and it’s also super soft in a knit that feels like cashmere. It also feature rose gold sparkly nailheads scattered across it.

Here’s a link to all my posts showcasing the 2018 Winter and Holiday Collection.


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Purr-fect gift for any animal print lover

Make it a gift for that woman in your life that just loves animal prints or hold on to this beautiful shawl as a gift just for you!

Our Fur Collar Shawl is the perfect weight to cover up in cooler temps but with a style all your own. And the brushed woven fabric in Granite Heather is washable.

The faux leopard collar is removable with buttons, so on days when you’re not feeling it, just take it off for a more subtle and streamlined look. Or, add your own scarf for a totally different look — maybe even the our Fur Scarf from last winter.

Wondering how to wear this shawl? How about with everything!  Toss it on with jeans and a tee to instantly dress up your look. Or, layer it over your favorite dress pants and a matching long-sleeve top.

You can even wear the fur collar without the shawl layered over a sweater or a jacket. Be creative with it.

Here’s a link to all my posts showcasing the 2018 Winter and Holiday Collection.

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Is it true that you can’t wear black and navy together?

Question: Navy with Black…. Is it possible to wear them together?    Answer: ABSOLUTELY!!!

Navy and Black are classics.  You can really do no wrong when pairing the two together.  Here are some tips to pull off this great combo of classics:

  • Use different textures (think suedette or ottoman) to set the two colors apart
  • Add a pop of color in accessories
  • Accent with a pattern belt or shoe!

Clothing is meant to be worn but, also to be fun! Use combos of navy and black for classic year-round looks.

Have another fashion question?  Join my free online style community to chat.

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What’s boho?

“BoHo,” an abbreviation of Bohemian Homeless, is a style of fashion drawing on bohemian and hippie influences. This style comes and goes but dates back to the mid 19th century. It was very popular in the 60’s.

The Ruby Ribbon Boho Tunic is representative of the boho chic fashion movement with a flowing fit and a loose sleeve in pleated chiffon. It’s striking in an on-trend eggplant color.

A cornerstone of Boho is comfort with flared shapes and a  variety of colors and patterns. Romantic touches, like flower patterns and lace, are often included.

Tips for wearing our Boho Tunic

  • Pair with leggings and layer on a long vest and silver jewelry
  • Wear with a skirt and add chunky jewelry
  • Try a bohemian gaucho look with the Split Skirt paired with the Boho Tunic, maybe even add a braid?

Here’s a link to all my posts showcasing the 2018 Winter and Holiday Collection.

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What to wear for a winter pedicure?

So, I’m going to rename the Stevie Leggings for the winter.  If you need the perfect leggings (or pants) to wear to your next pedicure now that it’s colder, just pull out your Stevie Leggings.

Unsnap those shiny silver snaps on each leg and you’re ready to dip those toes into a warm foot soak with no worries about stretching out your leggings while you tug them up to your knees.  #brilliant

That’s my tip for today!

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Crushed velvet reigns as holiday fabric

When you see crushed velvet, I hope it makes you think of the holidays. It’s a perfect festive fabric! In our 2018 Holiday and Winter collection, we are offering two crushed velvet pieces in a deep teal color. We have the Crushed Velvet Kimono and the Edie Extender.

Crushed Velvet Kimono

Depending upon your style, this beautiful deep sea-colored kimono may be the piece of instant holiday flair your wardrobe craves, or it may be just the eclectic piece you’ve been looking for. Either way, this lux piece is crushed velvet is a “wow” when you wear it.

Our kimono comes in one size, and I’ve seen it look great on women of all sizes. It features cold-shoulder cutouts and has side slits with an open front.

Here are some ideas on how to style it:

  • Consider layering it over all black (think turtleneck and sleek pants) for a stunning and memorable look; pair with a beautiful black heel and a long chain
  • Pair it with jeans and a white tee with fun booties and a great velvet headband for a unique boho vibe
  • Grab it as a gorgeous gift for a stylish woman you know

Edie Extender

Named after 1960’s fashion icon Edie Sedgwick, this versatile tank top is a “must have” for the season. It’s teal crushed velvet on one side and reversible to a black poly silk. With either side, a delicate lace hem peaks out at the bottom.

“It’s not that I’m rebelling. It’s that I’m just trying to find another way.”  Edie Sedgwick

Here’s a link to all my posts showcasing the 2018 Winter and Holiday Collection.

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You haven’t seen leggings like these!

As part of the new 2018 Winter and Holiday Collection, we got in two special leggings options for you – the Velvet Legging and the Studio 54 Legging.

Both of these leggings can go from casual to high fashion, just in how you style them. They feature the signature Ruby Ribbon “skinny waistband” and sizes run from XS to 3XL.

Velvet Leggings

Our most decadent and plush leggings yet, the Velvet Leggings are a cozy and warm stretch velvet. We are offering them in a rich eggplant color that will pair well with all neutrals.

I’d consider wearing them with the Shimmy Tunic Dress, the black Drape Tunic or the even Chiffon Poncho with the tiger print. The Ponte Blazer also would look great with these leggings. These outfits will be over-the-top with great statement jewelry or other bling.

Studio 54 Leggings

At first glance, the Studio 54 Leggings appear to be inspired by sportswear, and they were. But take a second look at these lux leggings with the metallic gold stripe on each leg.

When you hear “Studio 54,” what do you think of? Elegance and decadence, maybe disco and nightclub. These leggings seem to have all of that and are aptly named.

Style them casually with our Dual Tank or the black Layered Tunic. Or make them ultra holiday by adding the Studio Sequin Tank from last holiday, just one idea.

Here’s a link to all my posts showcasing the 2018 Winter and Holiday Collection. Check back as it takes a few weeks to get them all previewed for you.


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Shimmy into this sparkly holiday tunic

I think the new Shimmy Tunic Dress is the piece in the 2018 Winter/Holiday Collection getting the most buzz. It will go great at the most festive or elegant event this season.

Check out the bugle beads sewn in the shoulder straps, and these straps are part a cold-shoulder cutout feature, as well. Talk about eye-catching, and with a light shimmer in this beautiful silver heather color.

This top also features an elegant draped neckline, long sleeves, and a wide band at the bottom. You can move the band higher or lower for a variety of different looks for this top. Note you can wear it alone as a sparkly dress, or pair it with a skirt, pants or leggings (I’d go for black but other colors would be fun also) for a long and lean look.

As always, we have your perfect fit with sizes ranging from extra small to 3XL. Here’s a link to all my posts showcasing the 2018 Winter and Holiday Collection. Check back as it takes a few weeks to get them all previewed for you.


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