My Top Picks from the newest Ruby Ribbon Clearance Items

Ruby Ribbon added several new items to the “online clearance racks” (also known as the Sale tab). To make sure you don’t miss out, I’m highlighting my recommendations for you to check out!

  • Dual Tank – one of my personal wardrobe staples right now and the white one is discounted. You’ll wear it ALL THE TIME (I promise)
  • Beach Pant – they’re called a Beach Pant, but IMO, they are a casual and comfy pant to pull on when you want to look polished but a relaxed feel is a must. They are a breezy gauze fabric in navy
  • Tuxedo Ruffle Capri –  a basic black capri legging, with a white ruffle (sort of) detail down the leg. I wouldn’t call them overly feminine and super cute with a tank or a tee
  • Lace Up Leggings – fall is coming (sorry to break the news to you ) and these leggings with a lace-up detail at the ankle will stand out with a fun long vest and flats. Before you pull out your high boots, these leggings are just what you need
  • Mesh Bomber – perfect for now, toss over a tank or tee right now, especially as the mornings are a bit cooler. This light tan is great with black, or white, or navy, or nearly any other color. Unique, different, fun – it’s what you need

Bonus Item

Ideas for styling the DIY Jumpsuit
  • DIY Jumpsuit – take a basic pant in a jersey fabric, then spice it up with a DIY option to style it a million (maybe even a jillion) ways. Experiment with how you love it, then head out for a night on the town.

As I mentioned, these are just a few of my top picks from the clearance items on the Sale tab. You’ll find a random selection of patterns and colors in our Bye Bye Bra camis and demiettes, as well as other swimsuit coverups, and clothing. I invite you to take a few minutes to browse through it all (maybe sitting in the sunshine).

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What your soul needs is a surprise

Some of us love surprises, while others like to be in control (maybe some or all of the time). Which are you? Are you up for a surprise?

My graphic tee partner offers a fun “surprise box” called a SOUL Box. It’s a monthly surprise that will bring a smile to your face and a new graphic tee to your closet (plus a few other goodies).

Each SOUL Box has a theme and will include an exclusive t-shirt of the month (and this is a shirt that will never be available on the website. It’s just for SOUL Box subscribers). In addition to the tee, you will also receive accessories and treats to match the season’s style and appeal.

Using the “Build a SOUL Box” tool, you will select the size and style of t-shirt that you want (I always recommend v-neck for the most flattering look), plus have the option to add on an embroider hat, an accessory, a bralette, a racer back tank in your selected size and an inspirational item. Depending upon the options you select, the price will vary, but a basic SOUL Box starts at just $19.99.

Here are a few examples of previous SOUL Boxes, but remember, they are always a surprise.

The Details:

  • When you sign up, you are setting up a SOUL Box monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime.
  • Set up you SOUL Box subscription on or before the 15th of the month and it will be shipped by the 15th of the following month.  If you set it up after the 15th, it will take 2 months before you receive your first SOUL Box.
  • SOUL! subscriptions are final sale.  A replacement will be sent if an item is received damaged.
  • Shipping not included in cost.

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3 Things I’m Wearing This Summer

We all have wardrobe staples, items we find ourselves consistently wearing, and loving. This summer, I realized that I have three things that I have been wearing over and over thi summer. (Well, not the same thing over and over but the same type of item that I have in multiples.) I thought I would share them with you.

Dual Tank

Dual Tank
Dual Tank – comes in black or white

I’m sure that I’ve shared my addiction to our Dual Tank with you before, but I continue to find myself pulling it out of my closet. I have it in black, white and royal blue (and the blue has been sold out a long time) and I wear at least one of these colors once a week.

They are great with nearly any pants or skirt, and hit at a perfect hip line to give you a great streamlined look, but not too long. You can wear it as a tank, or add a light layer. I often wear mine with a scarf or a scarf tied as a vest.  It’s even designed so you can wear it backwards or frontwards, depending upon if you want a crew neck or a v-neck. (As you probably know from past posts, I’m all about the v-neck.)

Original Demiette

Until this year, I haven’t worn our demiettes much. I’m not sure why. Lately, I think I wear the Original Demiette nearly every day. In fact, I found myself wearing them so much that I added two new ones (even the Ditsy print) to my lingerie drawer (stylist perk!).

I’m finding that are easy to wear, still give me great support and are just as comfortable as my standard cami, maybe even a little more.

R&R Pant

R&R Pant
R&R Pant

I didn’t expect to like the R&R Pant, thinking I might like the loose fit, but I was wrong.  They are a soft bamboo and cotton fabric that makes you never want to take them off! They are comfy and cute, super trendy and even have pockets. Yes, pockets!

Typically, I’m pairing them with a fitted tank and super casual sandals or shoes. They’ve become a weekend “go to” this summer, that’s for sure.  I have them in black, but I’m admitting today that I also have the heather gray in my size as a sample for others to see and try on. (I”m sure it will come home with me someday….)

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Caring for your Ruby Ribbon shapewear

You love your Ruby Ribbon cami! Yes! And you want it to last as long as possible (we all do!) So how should you take care of it to ensure maximum support and longevity?

Today, I’m giving you the low down on how to care for your Ruby Ribbon shapewear to extend the life of these important pieces in your lingerie drawer.

  • Handle with care – Pull on your cami or slip gently from the neckline. Don’t pull up from the straps.
  • Rest between wearings – We recommend you wait 24 hours between wearings to extend the life of your Ruby Ribbon cami or slip. I like to say “it needs time to go back where it came from.”
  • Mind the edge – The first place you’ll likely notice waer on your Ruby Ribbon  cami is the invisible gripper edge. The gripper edge should always be placed on clean, dry, and lotion-free skin or on top of Ruby Ribbon shaping bottoms. The silicone will fray over time, but this is normal wear and tear and I find that that it will still stay put. It helps to roll up the gripper edge before you pull up your cami in order to protect it.
  • Machine Wash – Use cold water with regular detergent after 2-3 washes. Never use Woolite or fabric softener. Make sure your cami it “outside-out,” (not inside out) when washing. Wash it in a lingerie bag if you have one. (It’s also fine to hand wash your Ruby Ribbon  shapewear if you wish.)
  • Air Dry – Dry it flat or on a line. Our wicking material dries quickly. You should never put your Ruby Ribbon  shapewear in the dryer.

These tips will help you get the longest life from the Ruby Ribbon items you love.

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Tips for packing light!

Going on vacation is all about planning your adventure, dreaming about how much fun you’ll have, embracing the memories you plan to make, packing all the perfect clothes for the trip. Oh wait, the packing part isn’t all that fun?  I agree! I’ve been known to wait until the very last minute to pack for a trip (actually most of the time.)

I want to look great when I get there and be prepared for whatever comes my way. So I lay out multiple outfits, usually by day, and I overpack. (Almost every trip, when I get home again, I unpack several items that I didn’t wear.) And I bring too many pairs of shoes because well, SHOES! But I don’t wear them all either, and they make my suitcase even heavier.

But what if packing didn’t need to be that way? What if you knew you could pack a handful of items with the confidence of knowing that each of these pieces would work great together, giving you lots of outfit choices without the huge suitcase?

So here are a few tips that I can give you to help you not overload your suitcase and still look great every day of your vacation.

  • Pack fewer items but make sure you can mix-and-match them. Instead of packing single outfits, pack fewer items but ensure they have a coordinating color palette. For example, pack three bottoms (skirts, pants, shorts and leggings), 3 tops and 3 layers in colors that complement each other, such as blacks and grays with an accent color. You’ll then be able to use these “building blocks” to come up with many outfits and it will feel like you packed more than you actually did.
  • Add interest with accessories, which are small and easy to pack and they don’t add weight to your suitcase. Pull out a couple scarves that you can wear around your neck, tie as a sarong or use as a cape or vest. And, make your jewelry count. Each piece you bring should match or accent your color palette but also help you make a statement so the outfit you wear it with really shines.
  • Finally, pair down your shoes (I know, the gal who loves shoes really can’t believe she’s saying this but you won’t wear them all anyway, right?) Take into account the activities you have planned for your vacation and also consider the color palette you’ve used for your wardrobe. You can likely get by with a more comfortable flat”ish” shoe that you’ll use for active days, and a dressier shoe that can be worn for dinner or when you need to dress up.
Tips for packing light

These tips will lay the foundation for your next trip, no matter where you’re going. If you want to learn even more, I’ve put together a “mini course (5 minutes a day for 4 days, that’s it) on how to create a travel or capsule wardrobe featuring just 10 items that can help you create more than 40 outfits. It includes examples, as well as a worksheet to get you going. If you’re interested in this course, you can sign up here.

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What’s your favorite swimsuit cover-up?

Now that it’s swimsuit season, it’s also swimsuit cover-up season. Let’s talk about what makes a good swimsuit cover-up?

When shopping for a swimsuit cover-up, you want something made of a lightweight and breathable fabric, a style that will complement your body type and a color or pattern that will match your suit. A swimsuit cover-up is great for when you want to go inside a store or restaurant when you’re taking a break from the beach or toss over your suit on a boat ride.

Traditional swimsuit cover-ups are available in a variety of styles and patterns. Here are the three latest options in swimsuit cover-ups from Ruby Ribbon:

  • Cabana Cover-up – with striking black embroidery at the v-neckline, this cover-up adds drama to your summer look. It’s free and flowing with a tassel drawstring to accent your waist.
  • Graphic Caftan – this loose and flowing cover-up is easy to throw on over a damp swimsuit. It’s bold and graphic pattern is designed to match nearly any swimsuit
  • Beach Pants -these long and loose beach pants with a drawstring elastic waist are perfect over a fitted swimsuit. In a beautiful midnight color in a breezy cotton gauze, they are also great as a fun summer pant for a night out

If you only need a swimsuit cover-up occasionally, consider finding a wardrobe item that can double as a cover-up. Here are a few ideas:

  • Mesh Bomber – the easy-to-wear, breathable mesh will show off your swimsuit in a fresh way; this isn’t like any swimsuit cover-up that others are wearing
  • Fit and Flare Skirt – this fun and flattering skirt that hits at the top of the knee is great to pull over any fitted swimsuit
  • Shirt Dress — this long shirt dress can be great for a casual topper for your swimsuit. In a crisp white, it’s sure to match your suit too.
  • Nothing but Net Tunic – pull on the mesh overlay from this tunic for a unique and flattering swimsuit cover-up. Later, add the tank liner for an evening out!

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Show me the latest fashions!

Five new pieces launched in May 2019 from Ruby Ribbon and are now available from Style with Char. I’m highlighting the latest fashions in this fun 1-minute video that I hope you enjoy!

The five latest fashions featured in this video include:

  • Twisted Capri Leggings – a fun twist (see what I did there?) on standard capri legggings for summer in a rich gray color
  • Dual Tank – a favorite in black for more than year, now offered in a crisp white
  • Mesh Bomber Jacket – a lightweight summer layer perfect for many outfits
  • Laser Cut Tank – a unique activewear tank with a detail added via laser – now in orange
  • Crop Leggings – activewear leggings for your next workout – now in Tie Dye Swirl

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3 Summer must haves for your closet

Summer days are just around the corner and it’s time to make sure you the right wardrobe basics in your closet. Today, I’m sharing with you my recommendations for three items you need, essentially the “summer must-haves” for your closet.

My recommendations include the Dual Tank, a Ruby Ribbon demiette and our long-time favorite, the Fit and Flare Skirt.

Our Dual Tank was introduced last year and has been a fan favorite ever since. This season, you can get it in two basics — black and white — and I’d recommend you get one of each color. This tank skims your body perfectly to give you the perfect silhouette. I find myself wearing one of them all the time under jackets and cardigans right now.

It features a v-neck on the front and a scoop neck on the back, but feel free to wear the back as the front (did you follow me there?) to really get two tanks in one. I also love that it’s long enough that it lands about at my hips at just the right point to be extra flattering (at least that’s my opinion).

Ruby Ribbon Dual Tank in black (also available in white)

My next summer recommendation is one of our three styles of demiettes. A demiette gives you all the same support and definition that you get from a bra but with comfort and no underwires. If you’re already enjoyed the wirefree Ruby Ribbon cami, give the demiette a try this summer for a lighter option on a humid day. Our award-winning demiettes come in bra band sizes 32 to 44.

Ruby Ribbon Demiettes styles include (from left) Lace Demiette in blue floral, Sheer Demiette in plum and Original Demiette in ditsy print. All are available in pale, white and nude from a variety colors and patterns

My final “Summer must have” is the Fit and Flare Skirt, which has been in our collection for several years, but remains a great item for your closet. I like this swingy skirt as a dressy replacement for shorts in the summer. It’s easy to wear with sandals and a tank for a great summer look. It also features the signature Ruby Ribbon “skinny waistband.”

And, of course, one way to wear the Fit and Flare Skirt is to pair it with either of the colors in the Dual Tank! I personally find this skirt to be more flattering than shorts on my pear-shaped frame.

Wear the Fit and Flare Skirt all summer, and you can even pull it on over your swimsuit for a quick cover-up.

With this summer “must haves,” you will have the basis for many warm weather outfits. They are easy to pack for a weekend away and so versatile that you’ll find yourself pulling them out of your closet over and over all season.

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Top Off Your Spring Look with the Ponte Blazer

It’s been warming up and feeling like Spring, but really pretty slowly. If you’re like me, you want to wear Spring fabrics and prints (and open-toe shoes) but it’s still a bit chilly both in the early morning and later in the evening. That’s where the Ponte Blazer comes in.

I’m finding that my black Ponte Blazer has become my go-to piece lately. I think nearly every day this week I added it to whatever outfit I was wearing; it’s a great final layer as you’re heading out the door.

The Ponte Blazer looks equally great with confy jeans or with your favorite dress and is great with so many Spring outfits. Push up sleeves for a more casual look. This polished piece features shoulder pads and a welt pocket for a finished look. It’s a longer length that gives you great coverage, ideal for wearing with leggings too.

Get this menswear-inspired blazer in two color options. Of course we have basic black, which is perfect for nearly any outfit. But, we also offer it in the Dash print, which is a subtle white and navy dash print knitted into the fabric. With the Dash pattern, you can incorporate a great navy and black look together, making this blazer extra versatile.

Ponte Blazer in Dash (left) and Black (right)

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What are your Friday night plans?

Hey, did you realize it’s Friday? Got plans? Maybe you’re planning a Girls Night Out, or possibly it’s date night? But whatever your Friday night plans might be, I’ve got some ideas on what you might wear. (You never expected anything less of me, right?)

I recently held a style show, where I had local models showcasing outfits for many different occasions. One of them was a category I called “Let’s go out” and you can see four of the pictures from that night in the main photo for this post. (From left)

  • Our Ottoman Ponte Dress, with a “moto” vibe to is a great dress to have at your fingertips for any evening. It features faux pockets with silvery metallic zippers and it’s one chic, easy style to wear. Pair it with metallic sandals and a shiny bracelet.
  • Check out this soft and feminine Gypsy Top that’s just perfect for date night. It’s really two tops in one. The outer layer is a flowy poly-silk in beautiful dusty blue with 3/4 sleeves and a loose cropped cut. The second layer is a long v-neck tank top with gorgeous chantilly lace edge. Of course, either piece also can be worn alone or with another layering piece you already have in your closet. We pair this top in the fashion show with the Lace Capris to keep the look light.
Ruby Ribbon Lace Capris
  • Our next outfit also was all about lace, but wearing it with a different vibe. We took those same Lace Capris and paired them with the Trace of Lace Tunic for a monochromatic look with lace accents on both the top and capris. To keep the GNO or date night feel, we added sparkly sandals and some jewelry with glitz and glam.
  • Our last look is so fun – with this model wearing just one look for the DIY Jumpsuit. Honestly, you will wear this jumpsuit over and over and never the same way twice. You can style the scarf-like straps in so many ways. Here, we did something pretty traditional with a tank look that crossed across an open back. And, she wore beautiful heels for date night. Here are some alternate ideas for styling this jumpsuit.
Ruby Ribbon DIY Jumpsuit

We hope this gives you inspiration and ideas for tonight or your next date night or girls night out. Here’s to great Friday plans!

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