Sharing a few summer fashion tips

It’s hot, hot, hot in July around here, probably where you are too. Here’s a few summer fashion tips to help you look your best in the heat

Dress easy and breezy

Here’s just a few of the RR items that will keep you cool:
Make accessories matter
You don’t want your accessories to make you overheat.

  • Put on layers of bangles or long earrings
  • Go with “beachy” hard or braids
  • Grab a cotton handbag in a vibrant color
  • Use the opportunity accessorize with some great looking summer sandals
  • Throw a large scarf in your handbag in case you need a lightweight extra layer

Say “Bye Bye Bra”

Nothing is more uncomfortable on a hot summer day than a bra, especially those pesky underwires.

  • Try out the Ruby Ribbon camisole to replace your bra. It will be more comfortable, but also help you shape and smooth any trouble areas.
  • No matter what size you are, we have one for you
  • You have to try them on to believe it, I know….

bye bye

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