Share the Secret, Share the Rewards!

share the secretIf you’ve had a chance to see the Ruby Ribbon clothing line, you already know the secret — the shaping and smoothing concepts and features built into the clothes and the amazing shapewear to make any of your clothes look great on you!
Now, Ruby Ribbon is offering a special reward for those of you that decide to share the secret with your friends (who you’re probably already telling your friends anyway!).
Just ask me to open a Rewards account for you, and then, when you refer your friends to me to check out the Ruby Ribbon line, you can get 10% of the amount they purchase back in free clothes. And, you may also qualify for half price items too. Keep your account open for up to 60 days and see how much free product credit you can accumulate (with your own purchases or with referrals!)
It’s that easy!
Share the Secret! Share the Rewards!
(P.S. – if you haven’t yet tried the Ruby Ribbon line, contact me to schedule a private fitting!)

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