Can you get dressed in 30 seconds?

tamiA friend of mine shared the video below from the Today TV Show on tricks to get dressed in 30 seconds – yeah, you heard me right – 30 seconds!
Here’s a link to the video for you to watch – it’s just 4 minutes long.
But here are some of the tips that I took away from watching it:
For your busy day (for me, that’s daily) wardrobe days:

  • Have an assortment of comfortable and great looking pants and skirts that you can just pull on — no zippers or buttons
  • For tops, think the same — longer tunics, basic tanks and tops you can just pull over your head
  • Then, toss on a luxurious sweater or a structured jacket
  • Or, add some zip with a fun scarf (tie it the night before if you think of it) or some standout jewelry

Finally, the models in this video are all wearing shapewear, and keep in mind where you get the best shapewear out there (Me!); I can help you with slips and camis that help your clothes look their best but are still so comfortable!

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