Let me help you be comfortable on National "No Bra" Day tomorrow (and every day)

national no bra day OCTOBER 13THIf you’ve been watching social media, you may be tuned in that it’s “National No Bra Day” tomorrow. I can’t quite figure out who actually designated it that day, or if the day really is sometime in July, but really, it doesn’t matter. I think many of us can get on this “No Bra Day” bandwagon.
But if you’re heading out of the house, this “no bra day” may not necessarily leave you feeling all that comfortable either. You may be “exposing” more than you’d like or may be equally comfortable for different reasons.
I would love to show you the Ruby Ribbon cami and give you an option for “No Bra Day” that also provides you coverage, lift and support and comfort. In fact, my guess is that once you try this cami, you’ll be going braless all the time! Most of the women that get them from me get more than one.
Let’s talk! And celebrate “National No Bra Day” – no matter who started it.

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