Ruby Ribbon making an impact on local people

I’m so excited to see some of my Ruby Ribbon team really starting to work their business and share Ruby Ribbon with their friends and family.
Last weekend, one of the women on my team had her first show and it was so exciting to see her success and enthusiasm. She was at my home entering her orders for more than $1500 in amazing clothes and unique shapewear.
I asked her is she had any idea what she had made and she was surprised to learn she had made $375 at that trunk show.  Later she shared with me that she would have had to work so hard at her day job to make that much money. I loved seeing the impact that her Ruby Ribbon business could make on her life!
If you are interested in learning more about how you might make some extra money with Ruby Ribbon, get in touch with me. Or dial in for the Thursday night call where the CEO of Ruby Ribbon shares the basics on a half-hour call. Right now, there is so much opportunity in the ND and MN area.
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