Help me create some Bison Style!

Even on Bison Game Day, I want to look stylish and it’s unlikely that you’ll find me in a t-shirt or sweatshirt. I know that is standard Game Day apparel for a lot of people, but I gotta believe there are others out there that want their personal sense of fashion to extend into what they’re wearing to a football or basketball game.
I find the options in Bison clothing to be pretty limited, at least for my taste. Plus factor in that most of the clothes that I do really like are usually long gone in my size, and I’ve got a dilemma every fall.
Last year, I solved this by finding some tops that I really liked and getting them customized with Bison logos myself. I even did a pair of jeans with my own personalization on them (and a few people stopped me at the games to ask where I got them).
I’m ready to do another top this year, and I really want a tunic that I can wear with denim leggings and boots. I was thinking of taking the black Manhattan tunic and adding in a graphic that is long and narrow.  I found these options and now I’m looking for your opinion. Which do you think would look the best on this long tunic?
bison wear
(I’ll be using a licensed apparel printer for this top)

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