How does your body type compare?

Your ShapeHow does your body type compare to the rest of the population? I found this information in a recent edition of All You magazine and thought I would share it. (Putting it into a pie chart was all my idea…ha!)
The majority of you are much like me — curvy, meaning full in the hips and thighs, smaller in the waist. And about a quarter of you are Plus Size, defined as size 16 and higher.
Then about 16% are petite, which means you are 5’4″ tall or shorter, but only 6% are tall (5’10” and up). ย Finally, about 6% are “boyish,” meaning you are flat in the rear with a straight silhouette.
Knowing your body type can help you pick the right clothes to flatter your figure. Schedule a personal fitting with me and we can find just the right styles for you.

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