It's a different kind of service

I had a gal stop in this week to check out Ruby Ribbon for the first time. She needed something to wear for an event this weekend, and she tried on several items. I had a lot of fun helping her find the items that she might like and that might fit her.
And, she had recently lost about 25 pounds, so she was kind of excited to be trying things in “new” sizes.
When she settled on two tops, a sweater, and a pair of pants, I was pleased she was able to get one of the tops from the Share the Joy sale too, saving her a little bit.
With Ruby Ribbon, we have to order for our clients; we don’t stock many items. So, since I knew she had an event, I asked her if she wanted to borrow my sample pants to wear, since the new pair she was ordering wouldn’t get there in time.
She was amazed that I would offer and asked a couple times if I was “sure.”  Of course I was sure!  This is the kind of service you get from working with someone building a small home-based business. I want you love the Ruby Ribbon clothes and shapewear, and I want you to love working with me and come back for more.

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