A big ND opportunity!


  • Do you love clothes and fashion?
  • Could you use a little extra money?
  • Do you live in ND?

why_rubyribbonWell, I would love to give you a tip on how you can use these three things to your advantage.  In a recent Ruby Ribbon stylist briefing, I learned that the Ruby Ribbon opportunity is North Dakota is even larger than I expected.  Maybe you are the next person that could be sharing Ruby Ribbon with others in the state?
I’m not sure of the exact count, but my best guess is that there are under 1o Ruby Ribbon stylists in ND. And, those of us who are here know that there are so many women waiting to try on a Ruby Ribbon cami, or slip on some of the Ruby Ribbon clothes with “shaping secrets.”
If you are even slightly interested, check out more here, or get in touch with me and I can get you on the next Ruby Ribbon corporate call where you can learn more.  The calls are only 20 minutes, you will get  a chance to win a free Ruby Ribbon item, and help me out because when I have 2 people on the call, I get free business supplies.

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