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Try on at home? Request an Overnight Bag!

Are you interested in trying on a range of clothing and shapewear items in the comfort of your own home, on your own time? How about an overnight bag?

I’m testing out a new idea at the Style with Char Studio. Just let me know what size you are, and I’ll share with you a personalized overnight bag of clothes in your size to check out, have fun trying on at home, show to a friend, and maybe admire yourself in the mirror.  I’ll get the bag back from you about 24 hours later. Fashions will include Peach, Storyline Collection and Ruby Ribbon.

No pressure! It’s a unique way to get a chance to look at my clothing lines on your own. You’ll be able to feel the fabrics and see how they look on you. 

What you will get:

  • A variety of great pants, leggings, tops and maybe a fun dress in your size
  • A few layering jackets or sweaters in your size
  • A chance to mix and match to your ❤️hearts content
  • A few pieces of revolutionary shapewear, including a Bye Bye Bra cami and demiette in your size
  • Maybe a slimming swimsuit or two if you’re interested
  • Catalogs to help you pick out whatever you might decide you want to purchase (but just so you know, you are under no obligation to buy anything)
  • I will also take your input and requests for what else you might want included in your overnight bag
  • My contact info if you have any questions – I am here to help

Each item will be freshly steamed, just for you. Get in touch with me if this idea intrigues you.

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