May 11, 2021

Things you can toss from your closet

I’m not sure of the source, but I thought this was a good list to get us thinking about our closets.  How many of these things do you have to get rid of in the new year?

  1. Broken and/or wire hangers
  2. Anything damaged beyond repair (we’re talking holes, stained pieces, and yes, even bras that have the wires popping out) You won’t have this issue when wearing Ruby Ribbon!
  3. Small boxes jewelry comes in
  4. Empty shoe boxes
  5. Spare buttons and/or the plastic bags they came in
  6. Broken jewelry
  7. Extra straps provided with bras 
  8. T-shirts with stains
  9. Single socks, solo earrings, anything looking for its mate (Insert your own joke here)
  10. Shoes too beat up to see another day )
  11. Too-tight anything
  12. Snap-on hoods or zippered extras that go with pieces you no longer own
  13. Broken sunglasses
  14. Shoes that ache the minute you put them on.
  15. Anything you’re holding onto solely because you feel guilty not to (i.e., it was a gift)
  16. Yoga pants that have totally lost their shape and stretch


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