Don't let this be you!

I’m sharing a link that is making it’s way around Facebook. It’s actress Rachel Bloom getting ready for the Golden Globes 2015 and posing (I don’t think that’s really the right verb, but you get the idea) in her corset and two layers of Spanx. (Yeah, you read that right!) Go ahead and check out the article and see the picture that took some guts to post.
gallery-1452475831-gettyimages-504365696The ultimate result was Bloom looking amazing in a deep green long dress, but oh, how uncomfortable.  Too bad no one had told her about the Ruby Ribbon secret — or I guess I should say secrets.
She could be wearing Ruby Ribbon shapewear and she would know that shapewear can be comfortable, but still hold in the places that need holding.
And, she could be wearing a Ruby Ribbon cami or slip that allows her to ditch her bra! (You also read that correctly!) She would have all the support she needed (even as a self-proclaimed woman with boobs). And, she’d have shaping, smoothing, really a great look.
Let’s hope someone tells her the Ruby Ribbon secret!

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