Fashion tips for cold weather

weather.pngHere’s the current forecast in my neck of the woods. Pretty much, it’s freezing (literally) out there!
Those of us that live in this full-time, have some strategies for staying warm in this and I thought I’d share a few tips, maybe for those moving to colder climates or just visiting or maybe even those of us that live hear can get a tip or two.

  1. Dress in layers — this one probably is obvious, but your choice of layers might be. Don’t just layer up with a top and a sweater. Think tights (or even long johns) under your pants or leggings. And, be sure you’re wearing your Ruby Ribbon cami as a base layer under you top.
  2. Be smart about your accessories — Now is not the time to put on that chunky metal necklace. Yikes, you’ll be freezing when you walk outside with that cold metal on your skin!  Instead, choose a cute scarf that will be both fashionable, but also useful when you go outside.
  3. Wear boots – again kind of obvious but choose a pair with a solid sole and not too high. It’s probably icy out there, so don’t be the one that learns about the ice the hard way. And, the height of the boots will help you stay warm too.

That’s my tips for today. For those of you wondering why we live here, just know that it doesn’t last long! (And too my other ND friends, what tips did I miss? Please share!)

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