Value of personal styling appointment

Thank you to those of you that took the time to see Ruby Ribbon’s Spring 2016 collection at my open house yesterday.   Many remarked that they love the 1-1 attention and the comfort of trying on clothes in a home, instead of a tiny dressing room.
Plus, when there were a few there at the same time, you get the honest assessment of others in your “look,” which also can be helpful. (Moment of truth — I’m honest too. I’ll tell you if I think the style isn’t right for you or maybe to try a different size)
If you mipersonal styling appt spring 2015ssed out, you can easily have this same experience. I regularly schedule Personal Styling Appointments in my home or at a friend’s in Fargo where you can try on anything on my Ruby Ribbon rack in comfort (and honesty).  And, you can feel free to bring a friend if that makes it more fun for you.
Bring that dress that you need to find the perfect shapewear for, or bring that item in your closet that you love, but haven’t been able to find the right way to wear it. I’m happy to help!
Interested, let’s get one set up for you.  No obligation except to come hoping to have a fun time!

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