Ruby Ribbon February

Feb 21 OOTDI’m guessing if you read this blog occasionally, you think that since I love Ruby Ribbon so much, I probably wear it every single day. I guess, really, I do since I always have a Ruby Ribbon cami under my clothes. But I haven’t been wearing Ruby Ribbon “exposed” every day.
And this month, that’s gonna change. I’ve been thinking about this idea for a while now and thought now was the time to just “go for it.”
So, starting today, I’m going to share my Ruby Ribbon outfit of the day. I’ll try to get a picture every day, but who knows?  (I really dislike those pics where someone has their phone in the middle of the pic but I may even resort to that.)
So, Feb 1 — I didn’t go all out with Ruby Ribbon this first day.  I’m wearing the Ruby Ribbon denim leggings (great with boots because they sleek to tuck in) with a white Ruby Ribbon Full Support Cami. Then I put a long purple wrap tank over it with a comfy grey sweater that is quite long (the look I personally like with leggings).
And, don’t forget about the “skinny band” in the denim leggings that gives you a little secret non-invasive tummy tuck.
Link to February OOTD Summary

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