I went with the jacket

V__C3C1Yesterday, I asked all my Facebook friends (or, I guess, just friends) what I should wear today from the new Ruby Ribbon Spring Collection. Choices were the new Ponte Jacket or the Little Black Dress.
Both had just arrived in the mail and are super cute.
I think the votes were pretty close to tied, so I had to make the call on my own.
I went with the black jacket.  It’s so comfortable and soft and I’m happy with the choice.
I paired it with a skirt from my closet that has  subtle animal print in gray and black. (I like this skirt with black because it’s something a bit different. It’s starting to show wear though, so I don’t know how much longer I should keep it.)  I added a bright pink short sleeve top and long silvery necklace.
I also got some help with the picture, but we both think a real camera may be in order for future pics.
I think you’ll be seeing this jacket a lot in the future!
Link to Outfit of the Day Summary

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