Kind of my Sunday "uniform"

I’m getting ready today for a trip to the hair salon, and dressing pretty casual in what has almost become my Sunday uniform. I’m wearing the Ruby Ribbon black capri leggings (with a skinny band!) with a longer taupe “sweatshirt,” or as close to a sweatshirt as I personally get. It’s a cotton blend, no logos on it, fits pretty loosely. I’m not posting a picture (due to the hair salon thing – ha!) but I’m sure you’ll see it later this month. Or in another color since I have three of the exact same top in varying colors.
boots leggingsI’ll be sliding on my boots (we are supposed to be having a blizzard but so far, not even a flake of snow that I can see). My Sunday Tip is to wear capri leggings with boots for less fabric to tuck in and a sleeker look.
I knew when I started this month of outfits that I’d eventually have a post where my outfit was less than stellar; I guess today is the day.
Link to Outfit of the Day Summary

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