Hate Shopping?

hate shoppingTime and again I hear women say they hate shopping! They hate it for a variety of reasons:

  • Trying things on in small changing rooms with bad lighting
  • Not having enough time for shopping
  • Standing in long lines
  • Disliking how clothes fit
  • Challenging to find helpful but honest sales people
  • Do you have more?

I would love to help!  Think of me the next time you wish you liked shopping and let’s test out making the experience better for you.  We can get together at your home or mine, solving any issues with lighting, bad mirrors or small dressing rooms. We can meet on your schedule, with no lines! I’ll bring you clothes that are figure flattering, on-trend and comfortable.
And, I promise to give you my honest opinion (I’m known for that, frankly) and help you pick out what really looks best on you. And, you can have a helpful friend or two there also!
If that even isn’t for you, just request an “overnight bag” of Ruby Ribbon clothes in your size to take overnight for a private try-on — comfortable and easy.

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