Happy Leap Day!

feb 29As the final outfit of the day that I selected for my month of wearing Ruby Ribbon every day, I selected two of my very favorites – the Manhattan Tunic and the Lace Panel Ponte  Leggings. I added some cute black ankle boots and a long silver necklace.
This month of blogging my outfit has made me hyperaware of what I wear each day. I paid a lot more attention to my accessories, and my shoes and even putting lipstick on before I left the house (because I didn’t want a pale face on the web every day).
I did find that it was easy to mix and match my Ruby Ribbon to come up with varying outfits every day. I don’t think I had too many repeat outfits. I also enjoyed selecting items from my Ruby Ribbon rack that I hadn’t worn yet, or were from the new Spring 2016 collection.
I hope you enjoyed this. I’m going to now start brainstorming on fun and fashionable topics to blog about in March.
Link to Outfit of the Day Summary

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