My wild idea

I’ve hinted that I’m thinking about getting a mobile boutique for my Ruby Ribbon business, but maybe you didn’t know I’ve actually been out shopping.
I’ve looked at so many motorhomes they’ve all started to get mixed up, and I’ve been stewing about one that is about three hours away for at least a month, maybe longer.
Yesterday, I came across this one located a lot closer to home. It’s older but what do you think? After I give it a bit of TLC, would you be willing to invite your friends to have a glass of wine and check out the latest in fabulous fashion plus the most comfortable and radical shapewear?
I envision driving to your place or a meeting place we’ve agreed upon. We pull out a bottle of wine or I make a pot of coffee. You bring a quick snack and we have a fun Girls Night Out. Is this crazy idea going to feel like a mistake later, or will it help me take my business to the next level? This coach has seating for at least six guests, adequate space for my amazing Ruby Ribbon rack and a place to create two spacious changing rooms.
Tonight, I’m looking for opinions and honesty. What have you got to say?

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