A new take on the lace lingerie tank

empire lace tankOur lace lingerie tanks, which are designed to be worn over the Ruby Ribbon award-winning cami, have been popular, and with a fresh design for Summer 2016, they are going to be even more popular.
Check out the new Empire Lace Tank that includes straps wide enough to cover your cami straps, but still in the lace that you love! It comes in the basics — black and white — and will be a great layering piece with many of the spring and summer pieces.
It’s long enough to leave out or tuck it in if that’s how you like it. Wear it under the Judi or the Ponte Jacket. I also like it as a summer tank on the hottest days.
Like the lace scarf, this also is a Ruby Ribbon Club item. If you’ve ever purchased a piece of Ruby Ribbon shapewear, you can but this amazing lace tank at a $10 discount.
As of today, you can order any of these new Summer pieces from my Ruby Ribbon website. Or, get in touch with me if you want to see some of these pieces and try them on!
This post is part of a series I’m doing on all the new pieces in the Ruby Ribbon Summer 2016 Capsule. Check out the others here!

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