Share a cami with your clients (and friends) with a Popup Box

popup boxAre you a small business owner that primarily serves women?  Check out the latest from Ruby Ribbon!
It’s a popup box that makes it easy to have a variety of the radical Ruby Ribbon camis on-hand in your business to easily share with your clients. It’s really a “business in a box” for someone that loves the Ruby Ribbon cami and would like a straightforward way to begin sharing them.
Keep the box on a counter or table and pop it open to get access to the most popular sizes in camis, plus 1 slip sample as well. You’ll also get catalogs and all the other business supplies you’ll need to get off to a quick start! See below for a complete look at what this kit includes.
Examples of professions that might be a good fit for this model:

  • Small boutiques
  • Hair salons
  • Nail salons
  • Gyms
  • Weight management businesses
  • Bridal stores

Intrigued? Let’s talk!
shape kit

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