Top 10 Great Reasons to Ditch Your Underwire Bra

Top 10 Great Reasons to Ditch Your Underwire Bra

If I asked you the reasons you want to ditch your underwire bra, I’m sure you could easily list 10 (and probably even more!). I mean, who likes underwire bras? In my experience, no one!

When I found Ruby Ribbon, I was able to stop wearing an underwire bra and still got all the support I needed (plus a whole lot more comfort too.) Since then, I’ve helped more than a thousand women ditch their underwire bras with a cami or bra (we call them demiettes) from Ruby Ribbon.

10 reasons to ditch your underwire bra and replace it with a Ruby Ribbon cami or bra

  1. With 360 degrees of stretch, a Ruby Ribbon cami moves with you throughout your day. It’s so comfortable you may forget you’re wearing it.
  2. There’s no need to worry about your cami rolling as you bend and move, the surgical-grade silicone gripper edge ensures the cami doesn’t roll. (If your cami is rolling, you have an incorrect size.)
  3. A Ruby Ribbon cami will replace your bra no matter what size you are. We fit women 32B to 50K. Find your size here.
  4. Take an inch off your waist with the comfortable slimming technology in a Ruby Ribbon cami. You’ll love how it slims your tummy and smooths any love handles you might have.
  5. Stop fishing your bra strap out of your sleeve all day. The shoulder straps on your Ruby Ribbon cami stay in place without digging in.
  6. Lesson the ugly look of back rolls with a Ruby Ribbon cami that smooths any lumps and bumps on your back.
  7. The patented technology in Ruby Ribbon camis allows the fabric to stretch up to 3X’s original size and return to its original shape (Fits women 32B to 50K bra size)/
  8. Don’t worry about getting overheated in a cami. It will wick moisture and heat away from your body and help keep you cool. Women are happily wearing them in all climates.
  9. The extra back support in a Ruby Ribbon cami will stimulate improved posture.
  10. Say goodbye to underwires when you’re wearing a super comfortable and supportive cami with no underwires.

I find that at least a few of these top 10 reasons to ditch your underwire bra resonate with the women I work with. Let’s face it, bras are the worst, and you don’t need to wear them when you’ve tried this comfortable alternative.

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