Fashion layers for work — a work wardrobe series

Yesterday, we added two tops to our work wardrobe, selecting them from the Essentials with Shaping collection. Today, we’ll look for two additional fashion layers, which are also always figure flattering but their “built-in secrets” may be harder to find.
For a business setting, I’m going to suggest you check out these two pieces, but I have to admit it was a challenging choice to make:
marilynMarilyn top — This top comes in a choice of Heather Gray or Black and either would be a good choice. It features a unique shawl neckline and a shirring panel in the front that flatters your figure.
kimono floral.pngKimono top in Floral Pattern — My other choice is this sheer top that is designed to be worn over a Ruby Ribbon cami. It has a nice open neckline and kimono sleeves for a dramatic silhouette. And, the wide was it band helps slim you. If you’re less daring, you can also get it in black. (That’s me on the right, BTW)
Link to Summary of Work Wardrobe Series

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