Little Black Work Dress — a work wardrobe series

LBDI’m going to round out this series of “what to wear to work” with a dress, actually a traditional LBD (aka little black dress). But, we should call it a LBWD, right?
The Ruby Ribbon Fit and Flare dress is my go-to dress. It looks great on everyone, can be worn a thousand different ways, and washes well. It’s again made of our Ponte fabric and includes a shaping slip built in.
Every woman that has tried it on at my shows remarks about how it feels and how it flows. It hangs beautifully.
I like to say that we all could go to work in this same dress and none of us would look the same. Pair it will any fun chunky jewelry for a great look. Go on a search for just the right pair of shoes to work with that jewelry, if you’ve got the time.
Or, add on a different scarf each time you wear it and it will never feel like you’re wearing the same dress. Imagine all the great looks you could get with this variety! scarves
I sometimes pair my dress with a teal-colored short sleeve cardigan that I’ve had in my closet for a long time. But, it will also look so professional if you wear it with the Ruby Ribbon Ponte Jacket.
Link to Summary of Work Wardrobe Series

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