My newest fashion accessory

watchI’ve been thinking about this for a while and I finally did it — I bought a watch. Yeah, I know, strange right?  No one wears a watch any more, do they?
I found myself asking others for the time all the time (ha!). And I try not to be so tied to that phone every single second (pun!).
So, I got this watch. And it’s not just any watch — see the big clown numbers — I had to make sure I could read it without my reading glasses on. And I wasn’t sure if I would wear it, so I didn’t spend a lot. I’m old enough to know how to tell time before everything went digital, so I got this cool watch with a face, some of you probably think it’s retro. Well, I guess I’m cool like that too (ha!).
I also wanted it to be fashionable — and I think I succeeded. I’m all about fashion, as you know.
Do you wear a watch? Or is that too old school for you?

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