My closet sometimes talks to me!

According to my closet, it’s say that I NEED some new skirts. That’s right, I need them.
I’m so looking forward to the launch of the Ruby Ribbon Fall CapsuleRuby Ribbon Fall Capsule later in July so that I can see my latest options. I love our Fit and Flare Skirt for it’s versatility. I wear it all summer with tanks and sandals, and in the winter, I pair it with tights and boots and a long sleeve top.
And, when I want to be a bit dressier, I wear my Ruched Skirt, which is incredibly flattering. It looks terrible on the hanger, so I have to “talk it up” with people to convince them to try it on. But, it’s so great on many people and they are always surprised.
I’m a skirt person, hands down. I wear one about every other day. I literally wear them out.  My closet is right. I NEED some new skirts!

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