Hair stylist adds revenue with Shape Box

haircut-834280_960_720Last night on a Ruby Ribbon training call, we learned about a hair stylist was was able to add money to her wallet in a low key and fun way.
For just a $299 minimum investment to get her Ruby Ribbon Shape Pop Box, she is able to display the box in her salon with the camis and other shapewear that’s included in the box. The box is just the right size to fit into her salon decor.
She is having clients try on a Ruby Ribbon “bye bye bra” cami during their appointments, plus hosting just one open house at her salon each month. That’s been her business plan.
In her first month as a Ruby Ribbon Shapewear Specialist, she’s sold 12 Ruby Ribbon camis, plus other pieces. She earned $224.50 in commission, plus another $214 in product credit (that she can use to get fun new clothes for herself or pieces she can sell to her clients).
And look, she’s already nearly made enough cash to pay for her initial investment, and that’s just in one month.
If you’re interested, her’s what the Shape Pop Box looks like and what it contains:


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