It must be karma…

black Judi Cardigan.jpgAnd by karma, I mean it in a good way.
I’ve been remiss in finishing up the posts about the new items in the Fall 2016 capsule, and one of the items remaining is the Judi Cardigan, now available in black.
Last spring, we got this cardigan in a pearl color, but everyone asked for it in black. Really, everyone, not just a few of you!
And now we have it in black, but I didn’t have just the right picture, so I didn’t tell you. I’m sorry, I should have.
But now I have this amazing picture of my friend wearing the black Judi cardigan. Doesn’t she look great!
You can see how flattering this is!  And, think of all the ways you will wear it!  Here she has it with the the white Ruby Ribbon tank, and I see she added our new black corded belt. So cute!

Fall 2016 Capsule Post Summary

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