Ruby Ribbon cami in action!

As a Ruby Ribbon stylist, we share “before and after” pictures (the pictures that show a Ruby Ribbon cami in action) between us all the time, almost to the point where I get tired of them. But then I remind myself, just because I’ve learned and believe in the power of the Ruby Ribbon cami, doesn’t mean everyone has.

So, I present to you, a handful of the amazing “before and after” pictures that help to tell the story of what a Ruby Ribbon can do for you (and help show that while you are probably skeptical, Ruby Ribbon is working for others that are your size). You can see the additional “lift” these women are getting, and the “tummy tuck” that the cami provides.

Ruby Ribbon before and after

And, keep in mind, that these women are no longer wearing a bra of any kind, not to mention no more underwires! It’s exactly what make wearing a Ruby Ribbon cami so impactful.

After more than 18 months and more than 450 camis fitted on women, I know you’re skeptical. If you want to “step in and try one on,” I would love to help you experience the Ruby Ribbon cami in action yourself.

The best way to get the right Ruby Ribbon cami for your body shape and size is to request a Size and Style Recommendation from me. This personalized information will help you make a good decision about Ruby Ribbon for you and allow you to ditch your bra with ease.

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