Ruby Ribbon cami in action!

As a Ruby Ribbon stylist, we share “before and after” pictures between us all the time, almost to the point where I get tired of them. But then I remind myself, just because I’ve learned and believe in the power of the Ruby Ribbon cami, doesn’t mean everyone has.
before after white tankSo, I present to you, the latest amazing “before and after” from a colleague who shared the Ruby Ribbon Sheer Collection Full Support cami (beautiful v-neck cami) with one of her clients. You can see the additional “lift” this gal is getting, and the “tummy tuck” that the cami provided.
And, keep in mind, that she is no longer wearing a bra of any kind, not to mention no more underwires!
After more than 18 months and more than 450 camis fitted on women, I know you’re skeptical. If you want to “step in and try one on,” you know how to find me.

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