Funky Patterned Leggings

I’m testing out some fun patterned leggings in my Mobile Clothing Boutique. These are from a company called Legging Army, offering a super soft, comfy legging to wear under long tunics, skirts and dresses, especially as we move into cooler temps.
Pair them with boots for a complete outfit. These leggings come in two women’s sizes (they stretch to fit you) and are also available in two children’s sizes. The array of patterns and colors to choose from is amazing. I have a couple pair in stock if you want to try them on or check them out in person before you place an order.
If you’re wondering about how these fit with the clothing line that I primarily work with, I think of these leggings as a complement to add a few trendy pieces to the wardrobe essentials that I offer, and many of these leggings would be great with some of the pieces.

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