Char with Style with Char Mobile Boutique RV

Yes I drive my mobile boutique, and usually in heels!

Update: While I no longer come to your house in an RV turned mobile boutique, I still welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your friends for a try-on session, in person or virtually. No group is too small.

When I take my Mobile Clothing and Shapewear Boutique, I no longer really think too hard about driving it. Yes, I often still do a “drive by” in my car to ensure that I’m not going to get myself into a pickle, but for the most part, I’ve become pretty comfortable driving all 35 feet of it.

I still get questions when people hear about mobile boutique though, and the most frequent question is “do you drive it?” — and the answer is definitely Yes, and (sidenote, usually I’m driving it in heels. LOL)

I use my Mobile Boutique for vendor events, driveway and shopping parties, and for personal styling appointments too. It’s so simple for anyone hosting, since they don’t have to clean their house, relocate their family to the basement, or do much fussing. Just invite a few friends, bring out a few snacks and you’re ready!

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