The return of the Denim Leggings

Winter16.FB.1050x10505.jpgShh, don’t tell anyone I told you, but I heard that we’ll have the Denim Leggings back before the end of the month.
And, we have some new info on them — first, we’re getting a second color choice. You’ll be able to choose from the blue denim, or a new option of black denim. Who’s in for that?
Also, while we’ve been waiting, Ruby Ribbon has been restyling these leggings. They will have the same fit and feeling but a more authentic look. I personally can’t wait to see them!
Our denim leggings have faux pockets in front and real pockets (large enough to hold your cell phone) in back. They are really cute when you cuff them too.
Winter 2016 Capsule Summary
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