Shapewear Myth Busters: Part 1

bye bye bra 2016I’ve been helping women with shapewear for almost two years now. In that time, I’ve had a chance to hear about many “shapewear incidents” that women have found them in. In fact, the Ruby Ribbon Founder and CEO, Anna Zornosa got the idea for the company after experiencing a shapewear incident of her own.
Over the next few days, I’m going to address these shapewear challenges head on– busting the myths of shapewear with Ruby Ribbon.
Let’s get started!
One of the most common concerns that I hear about shapewear that women have tried in the past is that “it rolls up when I wear it.”  Have you experienced that?
With Ruby Ribbon, if you have a cami that fits you correctly, and if the silicone gripping edge is on your skin (not on the outside of your underwear, but tucked in so the gripping edge is touching you), the cami will not roll. I’ve been wearing our camis now for almost two years, and I wear one every day. If they were rolling, I would be complaining.
This gripper edge is also on our slips, keeping them in place underneath  your favorite dresses.
If you want to try on a Ruby Ribbon cami for yourself, and ditch your bra forever, let’s get together!
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