Shapewear Myth Busters: Part 2

Yesterday, I kicked off this series I’m called “Shapewear Myth Busters” where I’m addressing head on the main objections to wearing shapewear.
Today, let’s talk about the next objection, which I like to call the dreaded “sausage casing look.”  You know what I mean; it’s when the shapewear is doing what you asked of it, holding you in, but then at the edge, you’re bulging out all over. Not that attractive, either, is it.
With a Ruby Ribbon shapewear it, you won’t experience this sausage casing phenomena. At the seams and the edge of the garment, we have variable compression so that it smooths and shapes and gradually gets lighter weight. No more of that unattractive look, just the shaping you want.
convertible slip
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