Holiday Shopping Season Begins

It’s the day after Halloween and it may feel a bit too early to start your Holiday Shopping, but I know that many of you are planners and waiting go get going. So I’m kicking off a host of posts (ha, that rhymes) to give you ideas for that hard-to-shop for woman in your life.

Your Best Friend

I’m going to start with someone that may be easy – how about a great friend. You maybe want to acknowledge your friendship with a gift, but you also may not spend too much on each other. Here are a couple ideas:

  • Drape Front Top in our amazing Kiss Red — this top flatters everyone, with a unique hemline that is longer in the back than the front. It’s sheer and flowing and she’ll love it
  • Versatile Tank – just a little something for her, available in white (shown) but also black and red tile
  • Empire Lace Tank – so pretty and something she can wear in so many ways. (This tank is designed to wear over a Ruby Ribbon cami)

I’ll be posting these holiday shopping ideas for a while. I have a few already planned, but feel free to let me know what women you are shopping for and I’ll see what I can come up with.
Holiday Shopping Tips
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